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Read more...I read several genealogy blogs on a daily basis.  Today, thanks to the Genealogy's Star blog I learned of the National Archives Experience Digital Vault.  Images of artifacts selected by the National Archives are viewable and linked to other related items.  I could spend hours there!

One interesting thing I stumbled on were illustrated family records that were submitted as proof of relationship for Revolutionary war pension claims. These family records were intricately drawn and, to me anyway, resemble the artwork of needlepoint samplers of the time.

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To view more of these, use the keywords "illustrated family record" when searching the Digital Vault.

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Graham Presbyterian Church Records

Last Updated on Monday, 20 December 2010 18:51

I found a book called:

Graham Presbyterian

Session Minutes

1868     1909

Jennings County



I thought it would be interesting and fun to transcribe this book here on the site.  I'll make a separate post for each entry and try to transcribe exactly as I see it.  I'm out of practice reading old handwriting, so I think it will be a good idea to post an image of the entry as well.  Let me know if I transcribe something wrong. The entries can be found under the "Records" tab above.