Sentenced to Penitenary

Commodore Stith, of Newpoint, who was arrested in the freight yards early yesterday morning after he had broken into a freight car and stolen a quantity of whiskey and tobacco, was taken before Judge Hord this morning. He entered a plea of guilty to a charge of petit larceny and was sentenced to a term in the Michigan City prison of from two to fourteen years. The officials have in their possession some evidence showing that Stith is also a deserter from the U.S. Army and a notification of his arrest has been sent to the Army Department. He will not be take to Michigan City at once as Sheriff Davis is busy with court duties. His companions, who were arrested with him will also be tried for receiving stolen goods.

-Greensburg Daily News, Pg. 7, January 8, 1904


Indiana State Archive records show that Commodore Stith did indeed serve a sentence of just over 4 years for burglary at Michigan City. He was discharged from the Indiana State Reformatory on 01 FEB 1908.